How Reliable is your wingman?

noun (pl) –persons

Someone who gives 100% support to your needs
A reliable resource that helps one move forward
A partner for success

How reliable is your wingman?

Managing your company’s growth takes skill and strong support.

We are ShorePoint Communications– a creative ally that can be your best support.

We offer a unique array of marketing strategies and branding services for you, all backed by years of experience.

Brand Strategy • Digital Marketing • Design • Advertising • Web/Interactive Design • Printing • Direct Mail • Media Buying • Digital Video • Photography • SEO/SEM • Paid Search and Social • Analytics and Business Consulting

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Are You Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

Look no further . . .

Digital Marketing / SEO-SEM Ad-Word Campaigns
*Does not include monthly budget for CPC, Ad word campaigns

1. Create SEO/SEM program which will enhance traffic based on keywords and key phrases.
2. Implement analytics, and tracking for ROI measurement
3. Initiate a digital ad campaign and ad-words campaign to specific target audiences that need your services
4. Develop Target Audience for digital and conventional marketing for Brand Enhancing messaging
5. Develop Targeted Competitor list to position over
6. Develop drip campaign of existing customers/visitors to receive educational information on product and Brand
Pick your Package for the amount of Service You Need. Custom Packages Also Available. All packages are for a 12 month contract, additional services also available.

A. $1,597/month 15 hours/month 5 images/month
B. $2,597 /month 20 hours/month 10 images/month
C. $4,597/month 30 hours/month 15 images/month

Some of the bullet points included with this type of service are as follows:
• Develop Digital & Conventional Marketing Plan
• Digital and Conventional Implementation – Write, Design and Create ads
• Use of images per month (licensed images) see above packafes
• Implementation of marketing opportunities and services
• Website Content Updates, coding, improvements, etc.
• Manage Paid Search and Social Campaigns
• Update and maintain Social Media and related sites
• On-going Support for Additional Service Lines sales and marketing
• Monthly Reporting on Progress and Position Tracking

Performance Measurements with monthly reports:
A Direct Traffic through search engine optimization, by performing the following.
1. Research competitors
2. Develop content for keywords and key phrases
3. Post content and Keywords to enhance overall rankings with search engines – Weekly
4. Increase your awareness and Visibility over your competitors in the area.
B. Create social content and implement strategy
1. We will need access to all accounts
2. As Admin on all accounts, we will develop a weekly program that educates, drives traffic
and increase backlinks to website for New and existing consumers to share and
generate social practices that capture overall fans to use for FREE advertisements.
3. Establish a weekly program for followers to build trust and loyalty
C. Establish a base, track and identify traffic and results
1. Create Report for initial traffic – this will become the base for measurement.
2. Generate new reports evert 30 days to show status
3. moderate work and make adjustments to create result changes
D. Execute cross media advertisements and programs to retain new customers
1. PPC Campaign to deliver your message to the audience that needs brand
2. Set specific Geo Location and Geo Interest targets for generating New targets
3. Run Campaigns on Select Social Media that delivers best results.
Recommend a Social and Adwords Campaign spend $500 to $1,500 and UP/month**
This is money paid to google, bing, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. (Publishers)

(** This is a recommended budget for spending, can be $1,000 to $100,000 depending
on ROI and will always be determined and approved by client.