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What are you waiting for?

If this is the NEW NORMAL out to dinner, at home or shopping . Why haven’t you taken advantage of manipulating the environment they will find you on. It is true that the Cell Phone is a SLOT MACHINE, where 98% of customers will visit and see ads from your competitors, it is how they ... Read more...

Price vs Quality? – Automated vs Real Marketing

If you are buying your marketing/advertising service based on price, be careful as you are not getting Real Services. The few extra dollars to get real service will make more than enough difference in your OUTCOME. Everyday, it’s how much for this…..Well What is This? What are the overall goals of what you are trying ... Read more...

Are you missing a piece of your puzzle?

Managing your company’s growth takes skill and strong support. Having a reliable creative resource is the strategic imperative that can make the difference between success and disappointment. We are ShorePoint Communications– a creative ally that can be your best support. Call us today 800-458-0990. #mondaymotivation #website #seo #ppc #digitalmarketing

Dominate your Competitors

Dominate the competition with your #website and #DigitalMarketing #PPC #seo #socialmedia#MarketingStrategy #TuesdayMotivation  
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98% of prospects will research before calling, does your website marketing hold up

98% of prospects are going to visit your website more than 20 times before they call or stop by. Is Your Website Winning you business? The days of your phone ringing off the hook are gone. You’ve felt it, haven’t you? I know we all have. But knowing who your audience is and managing them ... Read more...

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