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Managing your company’s growth takes skill and strong support. Having a reliable creative resource is the strategic imperative that can make the difference between success and disappointment.

We are ShorePoint Communications– a creative ally that can be your best support.

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Website Marketing – 98% of prospects will research before calling, does your website marketing hold up

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Website Marketing

Its time you start website marketing, 98% of prospects are going to visit your website more than 20 times before they call or stop by.

Is Your Website Winning you business?
The days of your phone ringing off the hook are gone. You’ve felt it, haven’t you? I know we all have.

But knowing who your audience is and managing them is our specialty.

Here are six elements every website MUST have…

RESPONSIVENESS – Is your website mobile-friendly? If someone views your website on a mobile device, does it provide them with a mobile and easy to use experience?

WEBSITE MARKETING – Your Brand pushed in front of those looking for your product or service. How well your website guides prospects through the buying cycle, educates, and informs. Is there a way to capture leads, follow you on social media?

DESIGN – Would someone be compelled to stay or click off within 5 seconds of visiting your homepage?

SEO PAID SEARCH – How high Google ranks your website. Will anyone actually find your website in a search?
COPYWRITING – How well is your company defined and your product or service. Do you come across as professionals that are trustworthy? Do your benefits engage visitors to act?

PROGRAMMING – Whether or not the technical aspect of your website performs, do you have broken links, images or other issues?

So, if your website is a winner? Well then we are done!

If you have any questions about setting up a website or want us to build one for you, please call out expert marketing consultants at 877-295-5201.

Shopping for a new website developer or digital marketing agency isn’t an easy task. That being said we have been in business for more than 25 years providing above and beyond services.

The point is that a new website isn’t a venture you should take lightly. You should ask questions as I did when shopping for a website design and development company:

Do they offer services covering all six website essentials?

Do they do more than just websites, maybe they can assist in other areas with your business?

Do they provide hosting or additional IT services to support your business?

How long have they been in business and where are they located?

Most importantly… choose someone you can trust! Building a website can be a long and time consuming process, one that should not end once your site is up and running — you should be constantly improving it!

(Why ask this, well simply we have learned through experience from more than 80% of our clients that came to us because the previous company or person(s) was unreachable.)


Direct Mail the Delivers Results

Does your Marketing reach the correct audience?

Do you know how many people visit your website per day?

Do you have a creative ally that keeps you up to date?

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noun (pl) –persons

  1. Someone who gives 100% support to your needs
  2. A reliable resource that helps one move forward
  3. A partner for success

How reliable is your wingman?

Managing your company’s growth takes skill and strong support. Having a reliable creative resource is the strategic imperative that can make the difference between success and disappointment.

We are ShorePoint Communications– a creative ally that can be your best support.

We offer a unique array of cohesive marketing strategies and branding services for you, all backed by years of experience, and full in-house management. Everything needed to execute your campaign or project is right at our fingertips.

  • Brand Strategy •  Design • Advertising • Web/Interactive Design • Printing • Direct Mail • Fulfillment Services • Media Buying  • Digital Video • Photography • SEO/SEM • Paid Search and Social • Analytics and Consulting

From target-specific marketing campaigns to innovative brand development, ShorePoint’s team of planners and designers will deliver your message to the right market, in the right place, at the right time.

Give me 10 minutes on the phone and let’s discuss the things you would like to have improved upon.   As you navigate your company towards tomorrow’s success, it’s good to have a wingman that can offer you full support.

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Hard work and Dedications vs. Autopilot Marketing?

I have been in the Marketing and Advertising industry for more than 30 years. I have seen, and accomplished many things for customers large and small.  Over the last half century, clients have left and returned.  I still have never had clients tell me their marketing is working well on that Autopilot Program they were sold.

I speak to clients daily, and potential clients as well, and it makes me sad to see a client spend so much money on a gimmick autopilot marketing program. It diminishes the quality of your brand and does more harm than good.

So when thinking about marketing your product or service, begin with this for your thought. Marketing is never on autopilot and hard work and determination will get your brand better recognition and will increase your exposure far better than a gimmick will ever do.

The Hard Truth:

When considering your marketing options, too many times people are happy with the “status quo”, paying for a monthly “automated template marketing campaign” that over time has little to no effect on your growth. Well it’s time to make a change, the HARD TRUTH is that consumers are different, they have evolved, their habits have changed, their needs have changed and their world has changed.

Simply put, If you are not in front of them when your competitor is, well this will make or break you. Not looking at your entire operations as part of your marketing is like driving down the street throwing your money out the window.

If your Brand has not been looked at, refreshed, or if you have not put a fresh coat of paint on your place of business, chances are the “Vibe” people get when they see you or visit you is already damaging your reputation. Wake your marketing up, take a look at your practice or business, Reality is Real, look around, take charge of your future. Listen to your customers and patients and realize that the future is here and you need to join in.

Do they fix retail spaces, or build new modern high tech places to attract people to their new location . . . why do they do this?  New restaurants have lines out the front door for the first few months . . . why do you think this is?


We are the architects of your marketing and business success.

We will give you the direction to turn your business or practice around . . . Change is inevitable and most of all the truth hurts sometimes.

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Search and Social Advertising Campaigns

Most search engines have formal advertising campaigns, and also have space on a variety of display networks. In today’s digital age, we have gotten used to searching for whatever good or service we want. For this reason, well orchestrated keyword and geo-targeted campaigns can generate massive amounts of growth for your company.

Another huge advantage of search ad campaigns is that most are pay-per-click. This means you are not paying unless someone either clicks through to your site or clicks to call you, you aren’t charged. No waste.

Finally, search ad campaigns allow a very practical level of analysis. Campaigns can be streamlined and targeted, not just for specific demographics, but also for keywords and “geographic targeting.” We work with every major search engine, as well as a few that have unique, “pocket markets.”

Social media has taken a foothold in our society. Just last year, 72% of adult internet users used Facebook – that is 62% of the entire population! Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are all in the mid-20% range for the same statistic. Over 50% of adults who graduated college have a LinkedIn account.

Social media advertising campaigns allow you to take advantage of the massive audience of social media, with the definitive, targeted, cost efficient system of pay-per-click.

Our campaigns focus on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. We use text, image and video ads, and geo-targeting, demographic targeting.