Shell Shocked?

Is your On-line and Off-line Marketing budget holding you back?

In today’s ever changing business world, we have come across some shocking misfortunes our clients have faced with their marketing engagements. Taking the time to fully read and understand what you are getting with a contracted agency is critical to your companies growth. Getting locked into contracts that have your website, email and social media pages locked or held hostage is just detrimental to business in today’s market.

Even if you are unhappy with a contract, your website and information should not be deleted, just because you wanted to move and try working with another company.

We know what it takes to run your day to day business and we make sure you have your information at hand, while working with us and if you choose to move to another company.


So, if you feel you are not getting the assistance you need to get your brand in front of the right audience, or possibly you are overpaying or not getting the results you need. We would love to talk.

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Increase Traffic with Proven Results

Are you getting the most out of your SEO, paid search and social campaigns? Is your target audience viewing your website? Are you getting real traffic and real results?

If you are not or are questioning your results, Don’t you think it’s time you find out what it is you are getting for your marketing dollars?

ShorePoint has the platform to keep your budget in control and on target. We provide Knowledge, Commitment, Creativity, Relevancy and full Transparency to keep your Brand moving forward in today’s digital world. Call today 877.206.6197.

Hard work and Dedications vs. Autopilot Marketing?

I have been in the Marketing and Advertising industry for more than 30 years. I have seen, and accomplished many things for customers large and small. Over the last half century, clients have left and returned. I still have never had clients tell me their marketing is working well on that Autopilot Program they were sold.

I speak to clients daily, and potential clients as well, and it makes me sad to see a client spend so much money on a gimmick autopilot marketing program. It diminishes the quality of your brand and does more harm than good.

So when thinking about marketing your product or service, begin with this for your thought. Marketing is never on autopilot and hard work and determination will get your brand better recognition and will increase your exposure far better than a gimmick will ever do.

Connect Deeper – with your Patients!

Do you need a hand building better relationships with your patients?

Our clients are able to develop deeper, long-lasting connections with their patients, and deeper connections translate into loyal customers.

We’re ShorePoint Communications, and our mission is putting the pieces of your vision into reality.

We’re an agency that’s successfully incorporated digital media and conventional marketing into its clients branding mix for more than 20 years. One whose only agenda is delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the right channels, at the right price. Who’s 100% committed 100% of the time.

Give us 10 minutes on the phone and let’s discuss the things you would like to have improved upon. As you navigate your practice towards tomorrow’s success, it’s good to have a wingman that can offer you full support.

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Increasing New Patients, One Client at a time . . .


When looking at client engagement on companies using autopilot SEO firms, we find most companies still have not made changes that drastically affect their site traffic and new patient leed generation, since April 21, 2015’s Mobilegeddon.

Yes, Mobilegeddon happened more than a year ago and some companies have not made any changes. As we have seen with our new clients time and time again, marketing dollars have been exhausted on chasing nothing. After we have taken over, drastic improvements to their sites, site traffic and New Patient leads fall into place. And the best thing, they spend less and get more…

So when asking yourself, Why am i not getting conversions since May 2015. Well it’s simple, your vendor is not working for you.

In the screen shot above, we took over on August 4th, 2016 after our client was frustrated with no new patients, poor site traffic and a lot of money spent on previous vendors. One week later, the results speak for themselves. It’s not just about the money, it’s about measurable results. Give us a try what do you have to loose.

Hard Work and Dedication is the Only Service your Practice Needs! Come Visit today.

Is Your Website Up-To-Date?

If your web site hasn’t been recently updated, it’s falling in search engine ranking, and visitors think they know all you have to say. Not updating is costing you traffic and action.

Our website update service will help you keep your web site fresh to attract new and repeat visitors.
work with you to update content regulary improve search engine optimization and keep readers coming back to see what’s new.

Update the design to keep your image and branding fresh and add new feature and ways for people for people to connect with you.

We’ll also discuss adding a short informative videos to your site to keep visitors engaged
We Can Help . . . with good ideas, good content, a fresh look and improved functionality.

To discuss ideas and receive a detailed quotation, call me at
877-206-6197 or drop me an email.