Search and Social Advertising Campaigns

Most search engines have formal advertising campaigns, and also have space on a variety of display networks. In today’s digital age, we have gotten used to searching for whatever good or service we want. For this reason, well orchestrated keyword and geo-targeted campaigns can generate massive amounts of growth for your company.

Another huge advantage of search ad campaigns is that most are pay-per-click. This means you are not paying unless someone either clicks through to your site or clicks to call you, you aren’t charged. No waste.

Finally, search ad campaigns allow a very practical level of analysis. Campaigns can be streamlined and targeted, not just for specific demographics, but also for keywords and “geographic targeting.” We work with every major search engine, as well as a few that have unique, “pocket markets.”

Social media has taken a foothold in our society. Just last year, 72% of adult internet users used Facebook – that is 62% of the entire population! Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are all in the mid-20% range for the same statistic. Over 50% of adults who graduated college have a LinkedIn account.

Social media advertising campaigns allow you to take advantage of the massive audience of social media, with the definitive, targeted, cost efficient system of pay-per-click.

Our campaigns focus on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. We use text, image and video ads, and geo-targeting, demographic targeting.