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Digital Marketing

ShorePoint is a key resource for Paid Search and Social media advertising spend management. As a Marin Partner, we have the software to manage all your digital advertising and drive the cost of those clicks down as part of a billion dollar spend. Our hands on technical strategic planners and analytic professionals, research and drive traffic to your brand.

If you are spending money on-line with GoogleBingYahooFacebook InstagramTwitter or any of the search engines or social media. We have the tools to increase you ROI.

Our expert team of strategists understand what people are really searching for—which isn’t always what is expected or obvious—and develop search advertising strategies that drive to your business’ unique KPI’s and goals.

We constatnly conduct keyword analysis and create tailored messaging that targets different audiences to bring the right traffic to your site. We also A/B test everything to ensure optimal click-through and conversion rates. We use conversion tracking, we measure and optimize for results that have a real impact on your brand.

Our research teams will uncover and develop long-tail and short-tail keywords and target and re-target audiences to keep you in front of your customer and new customers all the time.

See the ShorePoint Difference when Developing campaign strategy, Keyword research and development, Analytic & Reporting, Registration, Configuration, Maintenance, Optimization, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising