Its time you start website marketing

Its time you start website marketing, 98% of prospects are going to visit your website more than 20 times before they call or stop by.

Is Your Website Winning you business?

The days of your phone ringing off the hook are gone. You’ve felt it, haven’t you? I know we all have.

But knowing who your audience is and managing them is our specialty.

Here are six elements every website MUST have…

RESPONSIVENESS – Is your website mobile-friendly? If someone views your website on a mobile device, does it provide them with a mobile and easy to use experience?

WEBSITE MARKETING – Your Brand pushed in front of those looking for your product or service. How well your website guides prospects through the buying cycle, educates, and informs. Is there a way to capture leads, follow you on social media?

DESIGN – Would someone be compelled to stay or click off within 5 seconds of visiting your homepage?

SEO PAID SEARCH – How high Google ranks your website. Will anyone actually find your website in a search?

COPYWRITING – How well is your company defined and your product or service. Do you come across as professionals that are trustworthy? Do your benefits engage visitors to act?

PROGRAMMING – Whether or not the technical aspect of your website performs, do you have broken links, images or other issues?

So, if your website is a winner? Well then we are done!

If you have any questions about setting up a website or want us to build one for you, please call out expert marketing consultants at 877-206-6197.

Shopping for a new website developer or digital marketing agency isn’t an easy task. That being said we have been in business for more than 25 years providing above and beyond services.

The point is that a new website isn’t a venture you should take lightly. You should ask questions as I did when shopping for a website design and development company:
Do they offer services covering all six website essentials?
Do they do more than just websites, maybe they can assist in other areas with your business?

Do they provide hosting or additional IT services to support your business?
How long have they been in business and where are they located?
Most importantly… choose someone you can trust! Building a website can be a long and time consuming process, one that should not end once your site is up and running — you should be constantly improving it!

(Why ask this, well simply we have learned through experience from more than 80% of our clients that came to us because the previous company or person(s) was unreachable.)