Automated vs. Real Marketing

Are you buying your marketing/advertising service based on price?

Be Careful as you are not getting Real Service. The few extra dollars to get real service will make more than enough difference in your OUTCOME.

Everyday, it’s how much for this…..Well What is This?

What are the overall goals of what you are trying to achieve? What is your target audience? What are you doing or have you done? Where is your Brand Exposure most relevant? Is Your Brand Consistent, etc….

So many more things that come from an Experienced Marketing and Advertising Agencies thought process and result oriented deliverables than a picture of a coffee mug with your name on it.

So I am asking the question do you read the proposals, do you have real desires to increase your sales or bottom line, Are you in need of new customers.
If you shop based on price, you should probably just go and buy lottery tickets and hope to win the Big One.

29 Years later I still see the results that clients receive from buying into a automated marketing program, and their overall experience is that they were “Ripped Off” leaving a bitter taste of a sour apple in their mouth.

Isn’t about time you get Real People, Real Work and Real Results from a company that delivers.

Learn how to more double your new customers by engaging The Attention Economy and having a Real Advertising/Marketing Company transition you into the new millennial frenzy.
Give me a call, I am Dave Francis, President of ShorePoint Communications, Speak directly with a 29 year seasoned consultant on your needs.