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SEO, Paid Search & Social, Web Design Services, App Development & more.

We write and develop your SEO PPC Services in USA, pay per click advertising, paid search management, social media management, digital ad spend management.  We create and make sure your ads are being delivered in front of people interested in your product or service. ShorePoint Communications is a leader in Digital marketing and advertising. We are constantly monitoring and tracking your ROI and providing competitive analysis to keep you on top of your market. We utilize Facebook Business Manger along with various programs and knowledge based software for researching your position, brand, reputation and social interactions.

Website Design and Development

In today’s digital world, your website is your storefront. A prospective customer views your website as an extension of your service or product, and for this reason, it is imperative that you have not only an ascetically pleasing site, but also one of clean utility and function. Our website development incorporates top shelf aesthedtic design and bold imagery, while still creating simple, user-friendly function and utility.

At ShorePoint we provide businesses with an affordable option to have a website that is designed with your objectives in mind. Our website design principals include balance, consistency, contrast and emphasis on services. Every aspect of your website should work together to help your brand stand apart from the competition.

Once a website design is finalized, website development takes the reins. How a website is built is just as important as how it looks. ShorePoint adheres to Googles best practice guidelines to ensure that your website loads and functions throughout. We can create websites on multiple platforms ensuring that the features included provide security and efficiency

Bold Design + Incredible Functionality = Powerful Websites

Our goal is to give you an online presence you can take pride in, but also to deliver you more customers that actually engage with you. The ShorePoint Agency uses the latest platforms to develop and create ascetically-pleasing, bold websites. Our sites are clean and crisp in both their visual appearance and functionality. From a utility perspective, we integrate technical applications to simplify the workflow not only for the site, but for our clients’ companies. Our sites are mobile-friendly, and Search Engine Optimized organically .

seo ppc services in usa

Return On Investment

We design our sites with the idea that they are part of your workflow, part of your business. In our opinion, your website isn’t just a placeholder, it is also a:

  • marketing mechanism our sites are SEO and mobile-friendly.
  • sales mechanism our sites employ applications to speed up your sales and closing process
  • operations mechanism our sites use applications designed to make your workflow more efficient
  • Our websites help generate new leads, help close those leads, and help streamline your workflow, giving you a measurable return on your investment.


Website Optimization, Online Directory Registration, Backlinks, Development & Maintenance, Blogging

At ShorePoint, we view things a little different: Sticking with the transparency we bring to all of our business, we tell you precisely what we are going to do, then we allow ourselves to be held accountable by the results.

When we perform SEO for you, here are the services we perform:

  • Verify site with Google, Bing, MSN, etc.
  • Customize page and site titles
  • Differentiate page titles and navigation titles
  • Structure content with headings
  • We add alt text to images
  • Tags and categories
  • Physical location
  • Site map
  • Index your site
  • Register your business and your site with Online Directories
  • Blogging

ShorePoint will work to enhance the results you achieve from your website. With our expertise search engine optimization tactics, as well as a complete keyword analysis we will help you to improve the visibility of your website to your audience online.

When we build a site, we focus on making your site Search Engine Ready by preparing it for indexing by all the major search engines. We do this through coding techniques (Search Engine Friendly URL’s, Searchable Menu Systems and Site Maps) and we use Keywords/Key Phrases in Page Titles, Page Descriptions, Headers, Content Copy, and much more. We recommend and offer analytic and keyword campaigns to measure your results.

Paid Search and Social Marketing

ShorePoint is a key resource for Paid Search and Social media advertising spend management. As a Marin Partner, we have the software to manage all your digital advertising and drive the cost of those clicks down as part of a billion dollar spend. Our hands on technical strategic planners and analytic professionals, research and drive traffic to your brand.

If you are spending money on-line with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook Instagram, Twitter or any of the search engines or social media. We have the tools to increase you ROI.

Our expert team of strategists understand what people are really searching for—which isn’t always what is expected or obvious—and develop search advertising strategies that drive to your business’ unique KPI’s and goals.

We constatnly conduct keyword analysis and create tailored messaging that targets different audiences to bring the right traffic to your site. We also A/B test everything to ensure optimal click-through and conversion rates. We use conversion tracking, we measure and optimize for results that have a real impact on your brand.

Our research teams will uncover and develop long-tail and short-tail keywords and target and re-target audiences to keep you in front of your customer and new customers all the time.

See the ShorePoint Difference when Developing campaign strategy, Keyword research and development, Analytic & Reporting, Registration, Configuration, Maintenance, Optimization, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising.

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Searching For Success

Most search engines have formal advertising campaigns, and also have space on a variety of display networks. In today’s digital age, we have gotten used to searching for whatever good or service we want. For this reason, well orchestrated keyword and geographically-targeted campaigns can generate massive amounts of growth for your company.

Another huge advantage of search ad campaigns is that most are pay-per-click. This means you are not paying unless someone either clicks through to your site or clicks to call you, you aren’t charged. No waste.

Finally, search ad campaigns allow a very practical level of analysis. Campaigns can be streamlined and targeted, not just for specific demographics, but also for keywords and “geographic targeting.” We work with every major search engine, as well as a few that have unique, “pocket markets.”

We Are Really Good At This

Search engine marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas of advertising… and keeping up with the latest and most successful SEM techniques (including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click placement, and paid inclusion) can be a challenge for any company.

ShorePoint has the experience and know-how to keep your company’s website on top of the search engine rankings. We can create and implement an SEM plan for your website that may include link building, “pay per click” (PPC) advertising, and content editing using the latest Best SEO techniques.

Our software platform is one of the largest in the world and our skilled technicians will increase your traffic and save you money on your click throughs.

Your Paid Search Doctors are here to Assist You and Control your Spend.

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ShorePoint can create and/or maintain a Content Management Site for you. We can design the site so that anyone you authorize with a predefined username and password will be able to make content changes to your Web site!

Whatever your needs, ShorePoints experienced experts are here to make your website as sophisticated as appropriate for your users experience will be as simple as possible.


Content Marketing: Engaging Fans: Content is Power!

Social media requires constantly changing content and not just posting anything. A social management strategy will update only relevant content at appropriate times. Our SMM’s have worked for major brands all over the world. We can bring the same knowledge and expertise not matter how big or where you are!

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

88% of customers use search to find small businesses from restaurants to retails. Our team is comprised of experts in all areas of search engine marketing, advertising and optimization. As a partner with Google and Microsoft, we can get your search campaign running quickly and effectively so that the 88% of the people looking- will find you first!

Social Media Strategy:

Brand-consistent design, Registration, Configuration, Integration with website, Content Development, Content Management, Page Management, “Push”, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Online Video Ads and Commercials

A full social media strategy extends way beyond a compelling Facebook page. One of the big differences between us and other firms is our brand marketing DNA. If you are wondering how all the social media pieces fit together into a comprehensive online and offline strategy, we should chat.

The whole point of social media is to be more social. Hard to do when you are busy putting out fires and trying to keep the ship afloat. Our marketing team can help not only set up your social presence, but help you create a simple on-going social media plan. If this sounds interesting to you then contact us to set up a discussion on how we can help.